Users of X reporting unlabeled clickbait ads that can’t be blocked or reported

Another attempt for Elon Musk to make money, it seems.

Mashable has reported users on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, have begun to see unlabeled ads while scrolling their feeds on the mobile apps.

Tapping on the apps take the users to other websites associated with the advertisements. Unlike other ads posted on the platform, there isn’t a way to block or report these.

It’s also reported that these new ads don’t have an account associated with them. Usually, ads are attached to a profile and have an “Ad” label on them, but some of these special ads have a “profile” picture that just takes the embedded image, possibly to make the ads not stick out too much from other posts?

Mashable wrote that the format isn’t in X’s ad campaign manager, but rather quote “it appears these ads are actually being served by a third-party ad provider.”

You can read more about it from Mashable here.

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