Twitch allows streamers to simulcast on any platform

Twitch, the leading live streaming platform for gamers, has announced a major change in its simulcasting policy. Simulcasting is the practice of broadcasting the same live content on multiple platforms at the same time. Previously, Twitch only allowed simulcasting on mobile apps like TikTok and Instagram, but now it has expanded the policy to include any live streaming service, including its competitors like YouTube and Kick.

The announcement was made at TwitchCon 2023, the annual convention for Twitch streamers and fans, held in Las Vegas from October 20 to 22. Twitch CEO Dan Clancy said that the decision was based on feedback from the community and the desire to give streamers more freedom and flexibility to reach their audiences.

However, the new policy comes with some guidelines and limitations. First of all, streamers who have signed exclusivity agreements with Twitch are not allowed to simulcast on other platforms. This applies to some of the most popular and influential streamers on Twitch, who have been offered lucrative contracts to stay loyal to the platform.

Secondly, streamers who simulcast must ensure that the Twitch user experience is not compromised by the other platforms. This means that they must engage with their Twitch chat as much or more than with their other chats and that they must not degrade the quality of their Twitch video or audio. They also must not provide links to their other streams during their broadcast, or use third-party services that combine activity from other platforms.

Twitch said that these guidelines are meant to protect the integrity and value of Twitch as a platform and that it will monitor and enforce them accordingly. Streamers who violate the policy may face penalties such as suspension or termination of their accounts.

The new policy is seen as a response to the growing competition in the live-streaming market, as well as the increasing demand from streamers for more options and opportunities. In recent months, several prominent Twitch streamers have left the platform or signed non-exclusive deals with other services, such as Kick, which has been aggressively pursuing top talent with attractive offers.

Twitch also announced other new features and updates at TwitchCon 2023, such as adding swatting and doxxing to its off-service conduct policy, allowing streamers to block banned users from viewing their streams, introducing stories and feeds for streamers to connect with their followers offline, and launching new tools and programs for streamers to grow their channels and monetize their content.

Twitch said that it is committed to providing the best live-streaming experience for its community and that it will continue to innovate and improve its platform in the future.

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