Actors Return, GTA 6 Incoming, and Looney Tunes Go Down Under (feat. Robert) – The FreshWire Episode 15

The last Hollywood strike is officially over with numerous projects back in development. Grand Theft Auto 6 could finally make its debut. A Warner Brothers film shelved… or is it? Is iMessage really coming to Android phones? Roblox is introducing video calling. Disney gets into NFTs… and a world’s first eye transplant.

Featuring Special Guest: Robert Crohan, Looney Tunes Aficionado – His statement in text form can be read below.

Originally Published November 14, 2023.

I think Coyote vs. ACME will have a large audience, and I am happy that it is on track for release. I think it will likely appeal to families and millennials who grew up with, and have nostalgia for, Space Jam, the most successful and popular reincarnation of the Looney Tunes since the original shorts. I am hopeful that it will attract younger audiences, given the success of the new series, Looney Tunes Cartoons. However, I am concerned that it won’t do well, given that most Looney Tunes projects after the first Space Jam have flopped at the box office and with audiences. Back in Action was a box office bomb, and Space Jam 2 was a notable disaster, disappointing audiences who liked the first movie. Warner Bros. has been struggling to compete with Disney in the family entertainment world.

However, Looney Tunes Cartoons is a great show that keeps the spirit of the original shorts, which had largely been missing from other recent Looney Tunes projects. This gives me hope that the new film will be worth the watch. I think Coyote vs ACME would be great for cinemas, as it seems like the kind of movie that would get its target audience hyped up and hoping to see it on the big screen. But I think its success will be similar no matter the platform. However, what throws me off is knowing that a Looney Tunes project won’t be directly released by Warner Bros.

Robert Crohan, Looney Tunes Affeciando

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