DreamWorks Animation Reportedly Hit with Layoffs

DreamWorks Logo

Feels like a lot of layoffs across industries have happened in recent times. Whether it’s related to the strikes, unexpected loss in profits, or executive wants, they feel like the norm.

An exclusive report by DEADLINE has said DreamWorks Animation is adding to that surge, slashing four percent of its staff. The article says the cuts are due to a downward cyclical turn in the business, increasing production costs, and you guessed it, the recent strikes.

With an upcoming movie “Trolls Band Together” releasing in November, things could turn around for the company. But with some animated films underperforming (recent Pixar films) and overperforming (Spider-Man), you never know nowadays. I’ve seen the first Trolls film and thought it was OK, and I’m definitely not part of the audience for the franchise, but I absolutely adored DreamWorks films growing up, so I’m hoping this isn’t a sign of things to come.

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